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Protection Circuit Modules (PCMs)

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A Protection Circuit Module (PCM) is a protection device for a multi-cell Li-ion battery, which isolates the battery if it is misused or if a cell fails.

As cells can become unbalanced over a period of time, the PCM monitors the voltage across each cell individually.

Failure to employ a PCM can result in battery damage and risk of explosion.

Typically a PCM is built into, and thereafter remains, part of a battery pack. The cells connect through the PCM and hence only indirectly with the battery pack terminals.

The PCM described was designed to protect a Li-ion Phosphate battery made up of 4 or 6 cells each of 4950 mAh capacity, but is applicable to different numbers of cells, capacities and cell chemistries, within certain limits.

The patent-pending circuit can be supplied ready configured to customer requirements, or can be re-configured in the field by plugging it into the Configurator tool which connects via USB to a PC running the Configurator software.

The Configurator Tool

The Configurator Tool is used, by the end user, to program the PCM.
Arbarr PCM Configurator Tool

It allows the end user to program the module specific to the requirements of an individual battery pack or application, using values such as the peak and average current. The customization is achieved using the configurator tool in tandem with the configurator software.

The tool, and the PCM inserted into it, are powered from the PC via USB so no external power supply is required.



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